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Brother PE-Design software can be used as a stand-alone program for any home embroidery machine. You can save designs in most popular formats and convert from one to another quite easily. This series of beginner-style video tutorials walks you through most functions of Design Database.

It’s a part of PE-Design that’s separate from the digitising and design elements which allows you to organise and catalogue your designs. You can see your designs as thumbnail images for finding, sorting and printing.

Keith Lord guides you slowly, step-by-easy-step, assuming that you know practically nothing. Whilst using a version of PE-Design NEXT on a Windows 7 computer, the basics are pretty much the same in earlier versions and you should be able to apply the knowledge you learn here to your own software.

Design Database Part 1 – Overview

An introduction to Design Database which is a very useful part of Brother’s PE-Design NEXT program. You can see your designs and where they are located, organise them efficiently, convert formats, print catalogues of them and much more. Keith Lord takes you through the basics step-by-step across a series of videos, of which this is the first.

Design Database Part 2 – Select and Move

How do you select more than one design at a time? Find out how to select multiple designs and move them to different folders so they are organised in a system where you can easily find them when needed.

Design Database Part 3 – Organise & Copy

You can copy designs to a different folder rather than move them, which can be useful when you want designs for a specific project – putting them into one location without moving them from the original folder.

Design Database Part 4 – Printing

You can print out your own catalogue of designs. Perfect for keeping with a quilt project or showing to friends who may want you to embroider something for them. Placing 12 designs on one sheet of A4 paper is also economical.

Design Database Part 5 – Convert Formats

Brother’s PE-Design allows you to convert designs into different formats either individually or as a batch. Perfect if you have more than one manufacturer’s machine or you have designs that are in the wrong format for your model.

Design Database Part 6 – Write to Media

Easily transfer designs to your machine using the memory card or USB flash drive. Learn how to select designs from different locations and write them to your media all at the same time using Design Database.

PE-Design Version 10 is the latest release and improves further on the dramatic changes that made NEXT a so much easier and user-friendly version. When NEXT was created Brother changed the whole style of the screen layout, bringing into easy reach a lot of the functions that were previously hidden in menus. The icons on the screen were much easier to understand and use. In Ver 10 it’s got even better and you can upgrade any previous version from 5, 6, 7, 8 and NEXT.

18 thoughts on “Brother PE-Design – The Design Database

  1. Hi wonder if you can help me please. I have a design is used on my janome machine it was in JEF format. I have now converted it to a pes format . The thing is can’t understand is no matter what hoop size i have in pe design 10 my file over fills it. Example my file is 5 inches by 7 inches yet when I have the hoop size 9 1/2 × 14 inches up on the screen my file over fills the hoop size yet it’s still showing at 5 inches by 7 inches at the bottom of the screen. I don’t understand this at all can you help explain what I’m doing wrong if anything please. Ps. I so love your tutorials and find them very helpful x

  2. I have PE Design Next but my card reader was damaged. I have gotten an Amazing Box which I was told I could use to replace it but now my program wont open. Any suggestions? I can’t afford to buy a new program.

    • Hello Joy,

      You can have your card reader/writer board and lead replaced as a repair with a dealer for around £70-ish. The program won’t open unless the card reader/writer is attached to your PC because it also acts as a security device for the software. Keith.

  3. Hi Kieth, please do more video’s on ped ver 10 – you always explain things really well.
    Thanks Elaine

  4. Hi Keith

    It was very reasuring to read your reply to Joyce I too am 60 and definetly do not take things in as I used to.

    And I also agree that most of the viewers do not use the software to it’s full.

  5. Found the upgrade very easy and striaght forward to install.

    General layout much easier and everything more to hand. Upgraded from version 8 which is a bit different but I think I will find the version 10 more user friendly. There is a lot of pages to print off (manual) as there is not a printed one included, I personally prefer to have a printed Manual beside me whilst working.

    I was a bit worried when I saved to a USB as the Key stick flashed, also when downloading but I think this is supposed to happen. I was worried that I had saved to the keystick but on checking it had not

    Overall pleased with the upgrade.

  6. Hi Keith, I have ordered and understand my PE design 10 is on its way to me. Loved your tutorial just wondered how many times I can watch this or can I somehow save this to my computer sadly at 78 I do not seem to be able to grasp things so quickly anymore and find it takes a few viewings for the penny to suddenly drop. Please, please keep up the excellent demos. Wished I lived closer to the shop as living in Essex it is too far for a one day visit. Thanks again Joyce

    • Hi Joyce, You should have your upgrade now :)

      You can keep watching as often as you like as they will stay on the blog for a long time. Sadly, at 60 I’m finding it less easy to remember things like I used to so I fully understand why there are a lot of viewers who will appreciate the slower, step-by-step approach in the videos. I’ve been teaching workshops for PE-Design for around 13 years and believe me, most embroiderers are not computer dab-hands but would like to use their software more than they already are. Yes, I’ll keep them coming! Thanks for your business and comment – Keith.

  7. Hi Keith
    Great news to hear that you will be doing mini videos on PE 10 I have pre-ordered. It is so nice to have some back up tutorials and I am sure you will sell lots more Machines and software knowing there is someome to help. This has given me a lot more confidence to have a go at doing more with the software.

  8. Hi Keith
    I found the videos extremely helpful and easy to understand. I hope you will continue with the tutorial particularly the ones on stitching. Thank you for your time and effort.

  9. HI Keith
    Really enjoyed watching these tutorials. I learned a few new tricks too. Thank you so much for sharing. Regards Irene

  10. Thanks Keith,
    Great videos, very clear instruction. I have Windows 8, which is a nightmare but finally worked out where to find my Design Database.

    Will you be continuing these videos and eventually including ‘how to design your own designs’?

    • Yes Toni, your Design Database would be found in your “Apps by name” section by clicking on the down arrow at the bottom left of your “Start” screen and then scrolling along to find NEXT etc. I get asked a lot for help by customers who just want to get started with the program or learn more about what is possible without becoming a “pro-digitiser”. With a little guidance through the basics in a step-by-step approach I’m hoping to help in this area with the blog videos. Not sure where that may eventually lead though. Thanks for the thumbs-up – Keith.

  11. Hi Keith

    Once again you delivered. You really do make everything so simple. I will definitely be upgrading providing Santa takes the hint. Will you be doing a workshop on the version 10 or will you be doing more videos on the blog.

    • Hi Janet, I now have updated laptops and will be doing workshops on both NEXT and Ver 10. I also intend to post mini-tutorials covering easy-to-use functions such as stippling, photostitch etc – Keith.

  12. Hi again Keith

    Just a query about the card reader does it mean that the reader is now not usable with PE 10 or can it still be used as a separate attachment like you would a USB for obtaining your design.

    Just wondering about people who have the Cards and due to the cost of them are they now obselete might be a good idea to clarify this.

    • Hi Sarah – Good question. Your existing card reader/writer will be upgraded to work with Version 10 perfectly. Only a customer buying the full version would need to buy a separate box, which is becoming unnecessary these days for most embroiderers. This has helped Brother to keep the new Full version at the same price as the older NEXT. – Keith.

  13. Hi Kieth
    Thank you for putting these tutorials on the Blog I am looking to update to pe design 10 have not had chance to watch the videos yet but I can see by what you have written about version 10 it is going to be a lot easier to use and if a technophobe like me I am sure with your invaluable help from the blog videos the fears of using the software can be overcome by others. I just need to find some time now to watch the videos and to save some pennies to buy the update.

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