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Brother Innov-is 1e

Brother  Innov-is 1e
Brother  Innov-is 1e Brother  Innov-is 1e Brother  Innov-is 1e Brother  Innov-is 1e
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Product Code: BROTHER NV1E

Brother's Best is Amazing!

Arguably the easiest of any sewing and embroidery machine in the world to use, the NV1e has become even easier and more entertaining with the most colourful and detailed screen you could ever imagine. Plus some more industry first features -

colour shuffle

Do you sometimes wish the colours in a design were co-ordinated with the fabric you wish to use? Well now you can at the touch of a button. Brother's unique Colour Shuffling makes it easy to choose new colour schemes for your embroidery designs.

Colour Shuffle detail

Select from Random, Gradient, Vivid and Soft styles and choose your favourite from the range of colour combinations displayed on screen.

Using the fantastic built-in camera, simply scan your fabric onto your screen and you can instantly see how good your new colours look on the fabric before sewing. If you don't like them, shuffle again - how easy and useful is that?

shuffle sample NV1e

In the above sample stitch-out you can see how the NV1e shuffles the colours. The left column is Soft styling, to the right is Vivid, then Gradient (see how the colours are similar shades), finally completely random. You can shuffle any designs of your own as well as pre-installed designs.

You'll never have more fun than with the new

10inch Pen Tablet and My Custom Design -

Kit 2 Tablet and Pen

NV1e DrawForget about being an artist this is simple fun that anyone can enjoy. You might not normally allow family member near your machine but with an accessory like this you can embroider your own doodles and your grandchildren's too.

Watch your drawing and tracings magically appear on screen and then use the editing tools in the accompanying software to modify the outlines and insert some fill stitches and colours of your choice.

Built-in Camera for Perfect Placement -

Arguably the best feature of any embroidery machine on the market today is the camera that the NV1e uses to scan your fabrics onto the beautiful large colour screen. You can then adjust your embroideries for size and position on screen before you start embroidering - it's just all so easy!

NV1 scan cushion

Click on the Video Tab above and watch how we align this large mirror-image design using the camera. And that's not all it does but there isn't enough space here to show you it's brilliance. The machine is in store for demonstration now so come along and see it in action.

Do you have a Brother 4000(D), 1500(D), 1200, 700 or similar? Ask about part exchange.

Innov-is Ie Sewing & Embroidery Machine

With its advanced technology, quality and performance, this Innov-is Ie is for the discerning sewing enthusiast who demands the best.This next generation machine, features 4 concepts in 1; sewing, embroidery, quilting and craft, enabling it to be used for any project.

  • Unique Intelligent eye camera function
  • Large volume working space (25.4cm x 12.7cm)
  • Colour Shuffle Feature
  • Pen Tablet and My Custom Design Software
  • Surround natural lighting system with light adjusting function
  • Large 8.5 inch wide Ultra High resolution and ultra wide view angle touch panel LCD
  • 4 in 1 concept (sewing, embroidery, quilting and craft)
  • Print & Stitch allows you to print an image, iron on your fabric and embroider on the top.
  • Large embroidery area (30 cm x 20 cm)
  • Advanced needle threader
  • Edge sewing using the intelligent eye with fine sensing technology
  • Embroidery start position is located automatically using the intelligent eye camera
  • 441 embroidery patterns with 120 brand new
  • Over 1800 built in stitches including fonts, utility and decorative

Brother NV1e LeafletView a leaflet for this machine (pdf opens in a new window)


Free NV1 DVD

Plus the Upgrade Kit 1 DVD which shows you all you need to know about the fantastic scanning features. A total of three great Tutorial DVDs you can watch and refer to at any time teaching you all the basics and most advanced features.

Produced by Keith Lord and Paula Bramwell this invaluable step-by-step filmed tutorial is your perfect solution to learning everything about the Innovis I. Click the image above to purchase the DVD sets individually from this site.

Each of these following sections have been broken down into bite-size chapters so that you can easily find the information you need straight away.

Watch the DVDs at any time onyour DVD player/TV or computer with DVD player built in.

Exclusive to Lords Sewing

Disk 1: Sewing
  1. Feet & Accessories
  2. Machine Settings
  3. Bobbin Winding
  4. Utility Stitching
  5. Saving Stitch Settings
  6. Threading
  7. Pivot Setting
  8. Auto Reinforcement
  9. More Screen Functions
  10. Twin Needle Sewing
  11. Free Motion Sewing
  12. Camera Edge Sewing
  13. Decorative Stitches

Disk 3: New Upgrade Features

  1. Change Thumbnail Size
  2. Change Design Size
  3. Change Design Density
  4. Camera Scanning Part 1
  5. Camera Scanning Part 2
  6. Delete Scanned Fabric
  7. Fabric Thickness Setting
  8. Magnify Camera View
  9. Capture Machine Settings
  10. Creative Bobbin Work

Disk 2: Embroidery                                               
  1. Machine Settings
  2. Combining Designs
  3. Making a Design Sew in One Colour
  4. Improved Lettering
  5. Using the Menus
  6. USB Connections
  7. Duplicate, Rotate & Mirror Image
  8. Change Thread Colour
  9. Resizing a Design
  10. Tension and Trim
  11. Stitches Forward/Back
  12. Easy Positioning with Camera
  13. Border Frame Sewing
  14. Transfer Designs from your PC
  15. Print & Stitch
  16. Paper Punching
  17. Bobbin Change Position

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