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Brother PE-Design NEXT Upgrade from Versions 5, 6, 7 & 8

Brother PE-Design Next Upgrade from Ver 5, 6, 7 and 8
Brother PE-Design Next Upgrade from Ver 5, 6, 7 and 8
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PE-Design NEXT Upgrade Kit - (Version 9) of Brother PE-Design embroidery software. Limited stock available and fully compatible with Windows 10. Even in 2017 this is a brilliant upgrade at a fantastic price.

Do you already own PE-DESIGN versions 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 or 8.0? You can still enjoy all the new and enhanced features of PE-DESIGN NEXT by easily upgrading your existing software with this PE-DESIGN NEXT Upgrade.

A video tutorial disk is now available to help you with all the basic features.

Brother PE-Design NEXT software can be used as a stand-alone program for any home embroidery machine to create your own embroidery designs, alter and combine existing designs, add text from the 100 pre-digitised fonts, convert photographs into embroidery and lots more. Version 8.0 of PE-Design was replaced by NEXT (not 9.0, it was given it's name because the program changed dramatically into a NEXT generation format).

NEXT stipple

Easier to use than previous versions of PE-Design because the interface (the way the screen is laid out and appears to the user) has completely changed.

The most-used tools and functions are now available on the screen for quick-access with all the information you need right there on the design page. On the image below you can see the clear layout with sewing order on the left, colour palette on the right, sewing simulator at the bottom and easy to understand icons on the top toolbar.

NEXT screen

It's great fun converting photos into embroidery and quite a simple process. The beauty of Photostitch is that your embroideries are personal and unique. Your pets and family, landscapes and even iconic pictures from the internet can be turned into embroideries that resemble painting with thread (photostitch type 1) or even pop-art (photostitch type 2).


Some of the simplest to use features are some of the best as in the Split Stitches tool. Have you ever wanted to take something that you like away from an existing design so that you can use it with another, or even just by itself? That's done quickly and easily. In the example below the buttefly on the first floral design was split away and the flower deleted. Just import a different floral design and rearrange your butterflies by duplicating the one you split and flipping/rotating and even quickly changing the colours so they look different.

NEXT Split Stitches

Adding text to your designs is an essential part of any embroidery program and PE-Design NEXT includes 100 pre-digitised fonts (perfect stitch quality) for you to create stunning professional embroideries. Combine the built-in shapes for extra effect and use the transform setting to put text on a curve or adjust in many different ways.

NEXT text

Included in the software is a design organising program called Design Database where you can see your designs and where they are located, organise them efficiently, convert formats and print catalogues of them. Watch our videos on the Lords Sewing Blog of just how brilliant and useful Design Database is -

NEXT database

For best results after installing the program, download the latest update to Ver 9.30 here.

Features for PE-Design® Next

• New Easy-to-Use Graphical Interface
• Customised Quick Access Toolbar / Customised Shortcut Keys
• PE-DESIGN® NEXT LINK - Link up to 4 PR-1000 or Upgraded PR-650 Machines with Queue Functionality
• 100 Built-in Fonts with On-Screen Typing Capability
• Outline Sewing for Select Built-in Fonts
• Convert Pre-digitised Text to Block for Customising Lettering Shapes or Stitch Angles
• Connection Point Setting provides the ability to change jump stitches for Lettering
• Editing Capabilities in 3D Image Mode
• Start Your Own Business Lettering and Design Templates
• Pan Tool
• Name Drop Function for Merging Names into Templates
• Candle wicking Stitch and Stem Stitch
• Create Spiral Floral Pattern
• Circle Copy and Mirror Copy
• Create Offset Lines for Decorative Effects such as Echo Quilting
• Import Vector Images (WMF)
• Offset Attribute for Motif Stitch Patterns
• Default Size Setting for Motif Stitch Patterns and Programmed Fill Stitch
• Create Embossing and Engraving Effects with Outlines and Shapes
• Create Split Embroidery Designs for Jumbo Frames Using Machines Camera sensor Technology
• Jump Stitch Thread Trimming Setting for PR Series Machines

Contents Include:
• CD-Rom
• Installation Guide
• Instruction Manual
• Positioning Sheet
Minimum PC Requirements
Computer: IBM PC or compatible computer
Operating System: Windows 10®, Windows®8/Windows®8.1, Windows®7, Windows Vista®, Windows®XP Home/Professional
Processor: 1GHz or higher
Memory: 512MB (1GB or more is recommended)
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