This is why the Brother XV Dream Machine is a great pre-loved option -

Firstly there's the obvious benefit of paying less for it than a new XJ1 (its replacement) and you get all the extras that are missing from the new machine. Most pre-loved XVs include upgrade kits that have added an extra frame and lots of additional built-in designs/features.

In a nutshell -

FRAMES: With a new XJ1 you get two frames - 5 x 7 and 9.5 x 14 inches. With the XV you get 4 x 4,  5 x 7,  8 x 12,  9.5 x 14 and with upgrade kit 1 an additional 9.5 x 9.5 inches. That's FIVE expensive frames inclusive.

XV Frames


SENSOR PEN: Again, included with the XV, can't be added to the XJ1.

XV Sensor Pen

BUILT-IN CAMERA: The XV's built-in camera means the machine can be used in any location regardless of wi-fi connectivity for perfect placement and scanning of drawings which can be converted into embroidery. The XJ1 has no camera and requires the use of a smart phone with apps and good wi-fi connectivity to align designs in the frame and send pictures of drawings etc.

XV Scan Frame

FABULOUS ACCESSORY STORAGE BOX: A robust container for all your extra feet, needles, straight-stitch plate, bobbins and other accessories which are all included with the XV. It fits neatly in machine too when not being used.

XV Accessory Box 1
XV Accessory Box 2

DOUBLE THREAD STAND: Included with the XV is this great 2-spool thread stand for those large coned threads or even just your normal ones so they feed into the machine more evenly.

XV Thread Stand

DIRECT CONNECT TO LAPTOP: If you like to link your laptop or PC to the machine for transferring designs you can with the XV but not with the XJ1, it doesn't have a connection for the USB cable so you'll need to send via Wi-Fi which means purchasing PE-Design Version 11 (or upgrade your Ver 10 to Ver 11). Both models read USB flash drives.