Floriani Medium Weight Tearaway by Floriani

Code FTM1210
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Code FTM1210
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  • Description

    Floriani Medium Weight Tearaway

    • Use on towels, denim or other non-stretch woven fabrics
    • Will tear cleanly from most embroidery designs
    • Supports about 8,000 stitches on an average size, well-digitised design

    Floriani Medium Tearaway is a very high quality, clean tear stabiliser for embroidering onto stable woven fabrics (non-stretch). If you compare this to a budget stabiliser you can immediately see and feel the difference. There are no thin/thick areas which ensures full support for embroidery without having to double-up or even triple-up poorer quality backings.

    Thoughtfully supplied in a variety of roll sizes for economy with almost any hoops. If you are using a very large hoop for your projects you may be better to use Floriani Heat N Sta Tearaway which can be fused (ironed) onto the fabric before hooping as this helps to reduce the movement of fabric which causes puckering and poor registration of outlines etc.

    Floriani Medium Tearaway is also excellent as a supplement stabiliser when working on high stitch count designs or large hoops in conjunction with your other stabilisers such as No Show Nylon Mesh, Heat N Sta Tearaway or Wet N Stick. Just cut a piece and float it underneath the hoop before commencing embroidery. It provides back up support without adding unwanted bulk.

    How to use:

    1. Cut a piece of the stabiliser at least one inch larger than the hoop size you are planning to use and hoop up behind your fabric. It must be larger than the frame and pulled firmly from all angles along with the fabric into a smooth drumskin-like taughtness throughout. Don't overtighten your frame as you may damage it but make sure it's tight enough to hold the fabric and stabiliser firmly.
    2. If the design to be stitched is denser than 8,000 stitches or if it is a poorly digitized design (too many stitches for designs size), float an additional layer of Floriani Medium Tearaway between the hoop and the bed of the machine for each additional 8,000 stitches for added support!
    3. Once the design is complete, remove the hoop and fabric from the machine. Tear away the stabiliser from around the design one layer at a time.

    Available in these sizes: 

    FTM1210 12in x 10 yds (30.48cm x 9.14M)
    FTM1510 12in x 10 yds (38cm x 9.14M)
    FTM2010 20in x 10 yds (50.8cm x 9.14M)

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