NEW Stellaire XE1/XJ1 Premium Upgrade Kit by Brother

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  • Description

    It's time to upgrade your Brother Stellaire! This long-awaiting upgrade kit is filled with a bunch of new fantastic features that will take your machine to a higher level. This kit is for anyone who owns a Stellaire XE1 or XJ1 and wants the latest and greatest features of the new XE2 and XJ2 machines. No need to purchase a new machine when you can upgrade your current Stellaire model to be exactly the same!


    As well as an extensive collection of new embroidery patterns, fill stitches and fonts, along with new features such as matrix copying and "no sew" options, this kit includes a BRAND NEW size of magnetic frame (7x12 inch) and the Couching Embroidery Foot kit. Amazing value all in one kit!

    Key Features:


    Upgrade Kit includes new size 7x12 inch Magnetic Frame and an Embroidery Couching Attachment.


    New embroidery designs - including quilt patterns, crochet/lace designs, yarn couching designs and font, along with new fill stitches for your Design Centre. There are also 2 new standard fonts and 1 new monogramming font.

    brother-stellaireupgrade-2pointpositioning-scaled.jpg2-Point Embroidery Positioning - using your LED embroidery pointer foot combined with the new 2-point positioning feature enables perfect embroidery placement every time.


    Matrix Copying - easily duplicate patterns in a grid format for an end-to-end embroidery design with colour sorting. A fantastic feature for those who create badges and patches.


    Stitch Tapering Function (just for XJ1 owners only) - as featured on Luminaire XP3, Stellaire XJ1 owners will now have access to the Stitch Tapering feature which allows you to angle the ends of your sewing stitches in various ways.

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  • Specifications


    • 7x12 inch magnetic frame
    • Couching attachment
    • 2-Point embroidery positioning
    • Quilt patterns
    • Couching patterns inc. a couching font
    • Crochet and lace patterns
    • Matrix copying
    • "No Sew" feature
    • Stitch tapering (sewing feature for XJ1 combined machines only)
    • My Stitch Monitor (as featured on the Luminaire XP3)
    • 15 new decorative fill stitches in My Design Centre
    • 12 new line motifs in My Design Centre
    • 2 new embroidery fonts
    • 1 new monogramming fonts
    • 50 new embroidery designs
    • 40 new yarn couching designs and 1 new yarn couching font
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