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XV Dream Machine 2/Upgrade Kit 1 Tutorial


XV Dream Machine 2/Upgrade Kit 1 Tutorial

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Dream machine 2 and XV Upgrade Kit 1

Most owners of the fabulous XV Dream Machine have installed Premium Upgrade Kit 1 which significantly enhances the machine's features and usability. This USB drive includes nearly one-and-a-half hours of tuition video and corresponding printable PDFs for Kirsty's projects. This tutorial still applies even if you upgrade to Premium Upgrade Kit 2.

Similar to our first tutorial you'll learn how easy it is to be very creative as we demonstrate various ways of applying the upgrade features. Kirsty shows you step-by-step how to use the various options and tools in practical project-based lessons. Keith's additional videos offer further insight and useful tips.

All the videos are in high quality MP4 format on a USB Flash drive which can be used on your computer and also directly on your Dream machine. This has been chosen in favour of a DVD disk as many laptops and notebooks no longer have DVD drives, it also offers a modern solution for all countries and users.

These videos can also be transferred to a tablet such as iPad etc. Consult your tablet instruction manual on how to do this. Keith has created a small video on How to put video on your iPad which you can see on Keith’s YouTube channel.

Exclusive to Lords Sewing - approx 88 minutes of video on USB Flash Drive.

Your Flash Drive will play the videos on the Dream Machine AND on your computer through a USB 2 connection. This machine is capable of doing so much that our tutorials and workshops can only cover specific aspects within a given time frame. The content of this tutorial is based on the questions we get asked the most.

USB content:

PDF - printout of new features for Premium Kit 1 and Dream machine 2

Video - How to use the videos on your machine (Keith)

Video - Multiple design storing and deleting (Keith)
: A practical method to speed up the way you import/save/delete designs and how you can store thousands inside your machine for permanent instant access

Video - New ways to draw and fill regions in My Design Center (Keith)
: My Design Center now has some awesome improvements that makes design creation far better than before the upgrade

Video and PDF - Simple Stippling (Kirsty):
You can easily add Stippling around a design in Embroidery Edit, without having to use the Design Center. This is a step by step tutorial on how to Stipple around 1 or multiple designs

Simple Stippling

Video and PDF - Stippling (filling) a region between 2 designs (Kirsty): This tutorial will teach you how to easily fill in the space between a design and a decorative frame with stippling

Stipple between 2

Video and PDF - Simple stippled silhouette block (Kirsty):  Create a beautifully simple silhouette using the new “stippling” and “group” tools in Embroidery Edit


Video and PDF - How to Add a Decorative Fill Pattern from Design Center Around a Design (Kirsty): Stippling is lovely, but the XV/Dream Machine has some wonderful decorative fill patterns in “My Design Centre” that are a great alternative to stippling when added around an embroidery design

Decorative Fill

Video and PDF - Stippling around a design using 2 or more hoopings (Kirsty): Sometimes you may want to add stippling to an area larger than the biggest hoop available for your machine. Using the camera feature built-in to the machine and the Design Centre, stippling can be added around a design using multiple hoopings

Multiple hoopings

Video and PDF - Using the Stamp Tool for echo quilting (Kirsty): Echo quilting is a form of multiple-line quilting around a design, like a ripple effect. The “STAMP” tool allows you to create an outline of a design, save it to the Design Center, then repeat and enlarge to create an echo quilting effect


Video and PDF - Create a perfect mirror image block (Kirsty): Using the new Grouping tool along with the existing border function tool, you are able to create a perfectly aligned mirror image design with little effort or complications. It allows you to create borders, scrolls, symmetrical blocks or even frames that are seamlessly matched. This tutorial also makes use of the Colour Sorting option!

Mirror Image Block

Video and PDF - Using the Design Center Shapes for Applique Patches and Quick English Paper Piecing (Kirsty): The shapes in My Design Center can be used for so much more than just creating beautiful embroidery designs. Why not use them to make quick and easy turn-through Applique Patches, or even create tessellating shapes such as hexagons, triangles or diamonds to use for English Paper Piecing style projects

Video and PDF - Creating a shape outline for repeated use (Kirsty): The shapes in the Design Centre can be used to create identical shapes for projects where an outline or border may need to be used for multiple designs, for example, triangular bunting or pennants. By using a shape from the Design Centre as a border or template, you can guarantee that each will be identical when you repeat the shape


Video - Multi-line text editing (Keith): You can create multiple lines of text and easily align, change size and correct mistakes perfect for lines of verse or creative lettering

Video - Create a design from a background image (Keith): Use background clipart as an idea-source for creating your own design using the creative tools at your command.

 The deliberate repetition of some aspects throughout the videos help to clarify and emphasise that you can achieve many different effects by using the same functions in different ways.

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Excellent tutorial! Clear, concise, easy to understand with lots of wonderful tips! A great resource.

L. Campbell | BC, Canada | March 2020

Great product. As always super fast delivery.

Julie Porter | Cheshire | September 2017