Why Lords Sewing think the Brother Airflow 3000 Overlocker is Amazing!

Why Lords Sewing think the Brother Airflow 3000 Overlocker is Amazing!

Brother announced the release of a brand new, air-threading overlocker in the U.K. back in September 2022, and stock arrived with Brother dealers in the New Year of 2023.  The whole team at Lords Sewing awaited its arrival with anticipation and found it even more impressive than we thought we would.

The ease of threading this machine is a marvel. The upper and lower loopers are threaded using blasts of air – simply hold the end of the thread over the hole, press the button and a jet of air will pull the thread all the way through to the eye of each looper.  The needles thread without difficulty – similar to a sewing machine with the added bonus of a needle threader to pass the thread through the eyes of each needle.

It’s super easy to change the settings on the machine. 

Don’t want the blade to cut the fabric? 
Just swipe the lever at the bottom left corner of the machine to deactivate the blade. 

Want to do a rolled hem? 
Simply flick a switch underneath the stitch finger to pull it out of the way. 

Yes, you read that correctly – no need to physically remove the stitch finger like other Brother overlockers. Of course, like all good overlockers, this machine allows you to change the stitch length, stitch width and differential feed.

We thought this machine couldn’t get any better until we started using it. 

The Airflow 3000 is heavier than other Brother overlockers.  It’s sturdiness results in a quiet and smooth-sounding machine – an absolute pleasure to use. We feel that this machine would be able to handle a vast array of materials, suitable for home-sewers and professionals alike. 

Want to try this machine out for yourself? Why not book a demo with us at Lords Sewing! We can go through all the amazing features of the Airflow 3000 and let you see for yourself how amazing it really is. Contact us now!

Kirsty Lorna Procter – March 2023