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Code FAW93
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  • Description
    • Perfect for holding appliques and patches in place before stitching
    • Fusible on one side and sticky on the other
    • Your applique is easily re-positionable until in perfect position

    Floriani Applikay Wonder is a special webbing material which is fusible on one side and sticky on the
    other! Use for traditional or machine embroidered appliqué to hold pieces in place while you stitch without
    gummy needles!

    The pressure sensitive side makes positioning small detailed pieces really easy and can also be used to hold free standing embroideries or patches in place while you stitch. You'll also like the soft and flexible texture of Applikay Wonder when layering pieces.

    How to turn an embroidery design into a patch or appliqué:

    1. Once the design is complete and trimmed to the desired size, trace the outline of the design on to the paper protective sheet. *Remember that you need to trace or draw the reverse of the image.
    2. Following the lines youve drawn, cut the shape from the Applikay Wonder®.
    3. Place the soft/shiny side (exposed fusible) of the Applikay Wonder® to the back side of the embroidery and then press using a medium temperature on your iron and no steam. Hold the iron in place for at least 3 seconds.
    4. Once it has cooled, peel away the contact paper from the embroidery design which exposes the sticky side.
    5. Position the embroidery on the garment and then press into place. Finish by stitching around the embroidery with a satin or straight stitch.

    How to create traditional Appliqué using Floriani Applikay Wonder®:

    1. Trace the design to be appliquéd onto the protective paper sheet of the Applikay Wonder®. *Remember that you need to trace or draw the reverse of the image. Tip! Use a light box or trace at a window for accuracy!
    2. Trim around the image leaving at least ¼ inch of the Applikay Wonder outside the traced lines.
    3. Fuse the Applikay Wonder® to the wrong side of decorative fabric using a medium/high temperature on your iron (No Steam). The fusible side of Applikay Wonder® is the soft/shiny side. Hold the iron in place for at least 3 seconds and then flip the piece over and press again on the fabric side.
    4. After it has cooled, cut out the appliqué design using the trace lines.
    5. Peel back the protective sheet to expose the sticky surface.
    6. Position the appliqué piece on the garment and press in to place using a medium/high iron temperature. Hold the iron to the appliqué for at least 3 seconds. *Press on the appliqué side and the fabric side for maximum bonding. Finish by stitching around the appliqué with a satin or decorative stitch.

    Remember that your traced image will be reversed once it is traced onto the paper side of Applikay

    Wonder®. Make adjustments to the original image to prevent this.

    NOTE: All irons heat differently. The iron temperature given above is a starting point. If you find that you

    are not getting a good fuse, slowly increase your irons temperature until you achieve a good bond.

    Available Sizes:

    9 inches x 3 yards

    18 inches x 3 yards

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