Kingstar Metallic Embroidery Thread

Made in Japan by Kingstar, this metallic embroidery thread is extremely high quailty, giving excellent stitched results. The threads flow quickly and smoothly through your machine minimising the risk of the thread breaking. Beautiful colours, smooth embroidery and available on large 1,000 or 3000 metre spools, Kingstar should be your first choice when buying metallic thread.

You can use your embroidery needle when stitching with this thread. 

 Kingstar Metallic Thread - an absolute winner! - Carole H. (Northumberland)  

Wow is all I can say about this metallic thread. I've been struggling on and off for the last few years (well Christmas time anyway) with some metallic threads I purchased when new to embroidery. Reluctant to throw them away, I kept persevering, but it always ended up in tears, no matter what I tried. After seeing Kingstar metallic thread mentioned very favorably on a couple of different FB groups I decided it was time to give it a try. Only wish I'd heard about it a long time ago - what a joy it is - ran through my machine so smoothly with no twisting, shredding or breakage whatsoever and didn't even have to switch to another needle - just kept going with my 75/11 universal one. I'm completely converted now and my other metallics will be headed for the bin - it'll be Kingstar from now on. One very happy embroiderer - looking forward to stitching many more fsl christmas decorations. This thread is more expensive than my other metallics - but worth every penny as far as I'm concerned. No wasted time, wasted thread, ruined projects or hair-pulling. If I could give more stars - I certainly would!