Schmetz Titanium Gold Embroidery Size 90/14 by Schmetz Needles

Code GOLD90
Schmetz Titanium Gold Embroidery Size 90/14Click the image to enlarge
Code GOLD90
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  • Description

    5 Needles per card.

    The gold surface coating of these super-hard titanium needle has extraordinary properties which makes it particularly suitable for embroidery.

    • Four to five times harder needle surface than normal embroidery needles.  
    • A super hard Needble Tip reduces fabric damage from worn needle points.
    • A larger hard-coated eye for easier thread flow
    • Anti-adhesive surface to prevent clogging
    • Excellent wear resistance to increase life time usage.

    This Schmetz Gold Titanium Embroidery sewing machine needle is the crème de la crème of the sewing world! This titanium coated needle reduces needle clogging and improves resistance during high stitch count applications. It has a large eye and a light ball point and is used for machine embroidery. This Gold Titanium coated needle is ideal to use when working with adhesives.

    MPN: GOLD90

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